"If an abomination you smell, like something askew. You better flee, or soon one of you skreem, as the other one shew."

They hid in the dead.Edit

The abomination is as old as the first age where they first was seen. Their true apparence seem to be a goie blob of black and red. But most ofthen, one is seen possesing the dead where they live inside. They can spread though their wounds, but not garanteed, some treatment have been sucsessful, against the spread. But ofthen the persson infekted is already dead. Their ability to hide in plain sight makes them harder to fight, but as they devoure, they open up and show their teath and such, they are in their weekest of states. Though cuting them down might work quite well, recomended is the use of fire to make sure that the Abomination does not leave it's host and moves on.

Ones inside a human the only easely deductable way to find them is their smell of roten flesh as they still slowly consume the inside untill there is nothing more then a empty husk. Their inteligence is also most ofthen low, while if the brain is somewhat intakt they can from time to time acces memories and speach from their host. Though ofthen they are quite doumb more then for hiding away.


Appart from their true form of a goey liquid. Ones inside they appare as open wounds, Thees wounds can then open up as extra mouths, filled with teath and claws they devoure as they feed on living fleash.