"Made god by the five, for his service in battle, his magic of stone, turned dragons to mountins"

Made god by the FiveEdit

Azham was a Nymphos who was known for his most powerfull stone magic and his showy nature. Upon the end of the Dragon war, it was said that the gods had acnoledge his achevments and assended him to one of them. Making him a god.

But vain as he was, he wished for a race of his own, so with his newfound powers, he turned the town of Galuha into people of his own and named them Nid, meaning "of stone".

For this he was punished, to have missused his powers without consent, his hybris brought him a cage where he was to await his forgivness, raged by this thing, it is said as he tries to brake free, he moves the earth and make it quake.

His mask was said to grant it's weilder the same power as any of his people.


He was gray in his skin, and eyes like that of stone, hair was crystals that looked like onyx stone. He was rewarded a mask as he beckame one of the twelve, a black mask of marble.