Clocks that's ticking,

gears are clicking,

bissy minds are wor-king.

Oil is seeping,

steam clouds leaking,

time is forward jer-king.

Moon is shining,

wistle whining,

midnight soon upon us.

Hear the cat meow,

need to sleep now,

so we go to bed thus.

Coils are twisting,

bolts resisting,

as the ocean se-a.

Do now sleep child,

do not play wild,

let my song sooth the-e.

blow out candle,

gently handle,

we hang up our topp-er.

Pot is boi-ling,

wa-ter roi-ling,

trough the pipes of copp-er.

Trees are sway-ing,

mu-sic play-ing,

tem-po now sub-si-ding.

Now it's stopp-ing,

rain is dropp-ing,

down in bed you sli-ding.

Fi-re slow-ly dy-ing,

soon you are a fly-ing,

like a zep-lin stea-ming

Sing-ing you this so-ng,

it will not be lo-ng,

until you lie here drea-ming.