"The blade is your own, your will made sharp. But do beware or you will pay the ultimate price."


It was made by the worior magai Kato who had a wish to make the most powerfull blade, fomed by hiss will and sharp enough to cleave any armor or sheald.

It is said that during the late golden age some dark group manage to reproduse the blade to some extent in some replicas, but never with the same power as first.


The sword is without a blade, only a hilt that has a dark black and red handle and a at the top, two snow flake shaped gems adorn the sides. Along the hilt there is also small black holes, and at the side a triger button.


When activated, spikes run trough the hand of the weilder, drawing blood that formes a blade. This blood can then synck with the thoughts of the weilder, forming and shaping by the mind of they who cary the blade. When retracted, it lets back the blood left into the persson who cary it, but if chards of the blade is chatered, it is impossible to retract the lost blood, and instead the handle draws new from the weilder.