"Ever presant, sister of life. They go hand in hand, but she always have to end her sisters strife."

The aspect of death (in human form)

A Universal ForceEdit

Everything comes to an end, be it things or beings. Where they go, most people belive there is a afterlife. This of course diferentiate between many what that actually is. The Idea of afterlife came with the notion that people who had manage to been resurected had felt/experienced something they felt was another world, ofthen explained as a bright warm place.

As there have also, trough magic use, been contact with people who has passed on there has been questions posed where they are, but no usefull information has been able to be gathered from this as no one seems to be able to awnser.

the Aspect of DeathEdit

While most only see death as a new state of being. The folowers of Holy Khairan belive that the world has it's own aspect of death, physicaly manifested upon the world to manage it's buisniss. They desctibe it as a pale whoman who has the power to transport things from the living to her domain, wherever it may be. That makes her, unlike the other aspects something that is not compleatly of this world as much as the other that is hers.

Storys of her are not as many as some of the other aspects but she has inspired many a artist's, musicians and poets with her grim and somber task.

Also unlike some of the other aspects like Jack or Yuuri there are no story of her origin before becoming an aspect.