Devon Battle is most famous for his acevments in the magic comunity during the golden age and his relation to Henry and Penny Battle.


Devon and his two siblings where born on the farmsted far of from any larger sivilasation in the contry of Tirane, somewhat north of Krotona. He as well as his siblings where all born with the mark of Yuma and as news traveled to the city they quickly where ofered scollarship and status within the magic comunity and fast track in the Cantopia mage guild. Due to their young age and their parents dissaproval of the Idea they declined this offer.

After his sister falling sick at the age of five, he and his brother both agreed upon the terms offered and joined the ranks of mages where they started their serch for the cure to their sisters ailment.


As all with the mark of Yuma he has silver hair and golden eyes. He usually dress in more modern Troll facion as a preference. He, just as his brother have a short cut hair but with a long extension down along his face decorated with beads.


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