"Chain that binds, Chain that pull, Chains that seek, Chains that Keeps."


Mentioned in a tale of Jack, is the Chain of Goldenlock, made to bind the worlock she fought to keep him from hurting anyone.


Made by Michell Stormwill, requested by the master theif, or as some belive, stolen from her workshop. Michell never tell anyone of their encounter.


It is a long and thin chain of metal with a chine of gold. Each link embeliched with a small rune of power. This is the most intricate piece ever made by Michell and is belived that was the reason she never made any other such ever again.


The Goldenlock Chain has multiple spells woven into it.

  • The power of strenght, making the chain virtualy unbrakeble.
  • The power of trouth, making whoever holds it only able to tell trouth.
  • The power of finding, imagining a persson, the chain points towards to that persson.
  • The power of lock, once locked by a persson, only that persson can unlock the chain.