"Death tools near, when Grim hounds you hear. Run and hide you can try, had they not lived in the eye."

a Living CurseEdit

The Grim hounds are said to be a dark magic taken form, living on without it master and maker. It is woven by shadows, taking form of a cainine. How it schose it's victims is not fully known, but when a persson is marked he begins to sens them, moving around the corners of his eyes. Then the longer to goes, he starts to them in reflections, in paintings in a crowd, always in a distance but slowly closing in. Thoes aflicted is said to have a orange ring in their eyes or flikers of flame if one look close enough.

Then after they are close enough, the hounds throw themself over the poor soul and shred him to pieces.

No known magic cures the mark of a Grim hound, but there is people who said have manage to defeat them ones the battle enues. Some therefor think that it's a chalange that is made, and the time given is to be used to hone ones skills as to fight the creature. Once a hound is dead, it's body leaves only ashes.


The creature is like a mixture of hound and wolf formed from shadows and embers. Eyes and teath glowing with horible heat. But it's face move freely on it's body, or they meld into one.