"Upon the embers lay the hart, a orb of power unknown to all."


It is known in many a legends, the hart of the fire djinn, but also the hart of city of Chantopia. The "hart" is a crystal orb of imense magical power and is said to give the user the ability to reshape metal and controll fire and heat.


There is no specific known origin, but there has been found lore dated back to the dragon age. Texts writen by the dragons, telling of a core of a star that had fallen from the skyes. It is also said it was with the orbs power that the Fire djinn was summoned.


A clear crystal orb, with a slow swirld of liquid substance with a radiating glow and heat that is in constant motion, the size of the orb is enoung to be kept in one open hand, the wight is unusially little compared to the size of the thing.


The one holding the orb gain the ability to reshape metal and fire as if a high skilled mage even without any previous magical knowledge. It also can give life to machenere, in ways which is compared to give it a soul. Some belive that it is what was used to give the Ra'sha'mar their life, created by some one at the latest as the first age. This ability is limited to be used only once every full moon.