Here is listed all holidays, celebrations and such.

Religious HolidaysEdit

Way of the old gods

Holy Khairan


  • Eternal Night (Selebrating winter solstes, with a day spent outside, dancing and a large feist)
  • Largest bounty (The first harvest festival)
  • Second Harvest (The second harvest festival)
  • Day of spirits (Day dedicated to all the spirits of the forest, offering for their blessing.)


  • Day of Luni
  • Day of Aso
  • Day of Pale Bone
  • Day of Qonesie
  • Day of Sai
  • Day of Tonga
  • Day of Zei
  • Day of Loom
  • Day of Pha'ta
  • Day of Remu
  • Day of Elixo

Regional HolidaysEdit

  • ccc

National holidaysEdit

Civil HolidaysEdit

  • Workers Day (when the first union held meeting)
  • International womens day
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