"About the race, the gave life to the folk, and then went back home."

Origin - From the starsEdit

The specis of khassan was born on Hat're, a standard oxygen based planet. They evolved much like the folk from the planets primate like specis but was the first and formost to take dominance of their world and one of the first to join the council races.

Their main belif and political drive is a technocrasy that made them experiment with forced evolution and experimentation with cloning and DNA manipulation they have serched for the ultimate being of slef.

Their ApparenceEdit

Many of the Khassan refome their bodies as thay wish and many of their people can therfore look quite far from each other, they are one of the most spread races as well throughout the verse.

The Gift - Creators of lifeEdit

Their main gift is they ability to addapt, them being a kole based race with grate genetic adaptability they have made lot of progress in changeing their slef, adding and removing gifts of different kinds. All in the serch of power and perfection.