The start of it all.

The aspect of life (in human form)

The beginingEdit

No one really knows how it began, some religious people say it is the work of their gods. But the more sientific folk ment that life began with water and perhaps a spark of magic, all everything else.

This then lead to the evolutionary chain that ended with the Dragons who became the dominant specis on Khairan . Their rule was long and whide spread untill the "long winter came" and with it, the folk came. Evolved from mamals unlike the dragons, they then continued to spread, and with the help of ther "gods " made the world their dominion. But life have continued to flurish, and with magic it has formed and mutated more and more beings into its folds.

Deity - Aspect of LifeEdit

While religions just handle life as a part of the whole, the followers of "holy khairan " belive that life, and as such the one who brings it has it's own physical aspect. This being a fair lady, sister of death with black skin and black hair, but her eyes have the glowing spark of life like the sun. Her every word pulse with pure magic and wherever she goes, life follows. She is the ruler of summer and spring, when life is in it's peek. Like her sister death, it is belived she can take any form and shape that suits her.

Unlike some of the other "aspects " life is highly selebrated with many events each year, though is not as ofthen named in songs and poetry by persson as the others. Most famous piece is the one writen by Tjana Saifel who after a neardeath experience during the first world war wrote "Upon your orders I serve "