"Like the moon it is seen when observed by the light of the sun, but as you turn away, you can never see it shine as brightly."


The only other item talked about more then the Skeleton Key of thoes that where made by Michell was that of her mantle.


It was made as a parting gift for Sam Quorn, traveling mage whom she became god friends with and is said to have travel with for a while. This cloak was then lost during his travels and has then moved from one owner to the next.


The cloak is made of white whool, woven with runes of wood and metal in the cloak. On top it has a large hood. It is tied with a lock of two runes that intertwine when put together.


The cloak makes whoever see the wearer to forget who and what exatly they saw. The efect is not usable when watched through reflective serfeces though or when watched through some other magic spells.