One of the most famous of magicians, ofthen called the Creator due to her specialty in creating magical and enchanted objects. Many talk of why she was never elevated to status of Aspect after her death. But there still is no persson who do not know of the famous mage.


Michell was born in the city of Chantopia. After leaving the Royal Magic Academy before graduating she began traveling the land, learning rather from the whole world then the "close minded" individuals of the big city.

After reciving a large income from her skillfull crafts she had made the first part of what was to become Watchers Castle. The main entrance was built close to the beach of Sanrit, this was payment from her first large comission to build a toy for the Merfolk prince on his birthday.

She became somewhat of a living legend due to her many wonder of creations such as the Skeleton key, Goldenlock Chain, Mantle of Moonlight and Spoon of plenty.

The last known location of her was at her own castle as it was attacked by the Dark sorsorer Crown whom had been denied her servises and tried to force her to do them, this was overheard by her maid who manage to flee the scene before the explosion that is said to have claimed both their lives and destroyed the spell of the castle.


She was known for dressing rather tomboyish and in practical cloting, ofthen seen with her tools of traid on hand.

Her hair was for the same reason cut short and and it was ofthen known she had at least one oil stain on her face.

Cocasian complexion and brown blue eyes, her hair with a brown blond collor, somewhat stabely built with grate physic from all her physical work.


  • Some belive she never died but was imprissoned by a spell to stop the dark mage.
  • Though her most famous build was the Skeleton key, the most wanted and used was her silver needle.