"The neulore is darkness in bodey, but feads on the light. If it is comming, better to run then stand and fight."

You only see it when you dontEdit

Some meaning that it Neulore and Eremiah is the same, but on the other hand it has never been able to confirm it.

The Neulore is a being that lives in shadows and dark places, is week to light that in lower amounts forses it to fuse with the walls in the shadows that are left. While in the dark it can take a larger form but where it moves quite slowly.

Many has seen a Neulore, every time you walk past in a dark or ill litt room, and an odd shape is standing in the room, but when you turn on the light it hides in the shadows, moving closer to its pray much faster. But as long the light is litt it cannot attack.

It is also quite carefull and never attack more then people alone.


Made of Shadows, like a standing wolf, with antlers of a dear and tooths of a gigant savage bear.