"Oh pale maiden, thou whom I name by death. Thee who will safe gard mine soul at my dying breath."

"I hear you tole with such burden, the gratest of plight. This hardship is beared with no ending nor reward in your sight."

"One may ask why thee not be at the hight of your envy. The sight of one free as the spirit of Jack, a maiden so gently."

"Oh pale maiden, thou whom I name by death. Thee who hunts me, from the time of my first breath."

"Could it so simply be, that she from you aslo did steal. Thine hart perhaps she did took, left you in gratest ordeal."

"That feeling spoken in highest both low and above. Domain of your sister, yes I speak that of love."

"Oh pale maiden, thou whom I name by death. Not able to outrun, even if fleeing untill I lost my breath."

"This emotion so foregin and new, both pircing and true. Consuming your work, untill nothing else you could do."

"You therefor put a spell on your Jack so dear. Making sure she never any danger would ever fear.

"Oh pale maiden, poor sad lady I name by death. Who shall never hold her love. whom never will draw her last of breath."