Nox day is selebrated on the First Werum of winter. It's the last holiday selebration before the new year. Therefor it is thought of as a time of cleaning and cleansing. Therefore people dress in white as if taking goodbye of the year, the colors of death. Decore is simple and all in white as well. And after all the feasting of the winter and harvests, people are not alowed to eat during the day and has to waint untill the night where a feist is heald with on lambs. As many a lambs are birthed this time of the year. Therefore the time is also though of as a time of the shepards, thinking back on the first age where many a people where out most of the year with this exact task as the humans where a sheperding folk.

Noughty or NiceEdit

One of the most famous of shepards was the story of Nox, said to have befriended death herslef while ofer her a lamb of her own, and so when his son was stolen by the childrens shepard. Death saved his child and gave him a second chanse.

While this story has some different versions to it, from where the child was saved in time with deaths help and learned his lesson well of never being noughty to where he was eaten and only his bones was found, but death gave the boy life again, as a skeleton that would forever live. But no mater what version is being told, the story of Nox the goodharted shepard and the evil Childrens shepard is two strong characters that ofthen are symbolised during this holiday. And the story itself ofthen told or made into a play during this time.

When the feist and lamb is eaten during the evening, small gifts are ofthen given to the children who has been nice and plesant the whole day. While thoes that complained and could not endure the hunger where given bones of the lamb to remind them of what might happen if they do not behave.

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