A listing of the most famous and noteworthy places in Khairan

Thees lists are sorted after when they first was mentioned in writing and scripture.

Dragon Age

  • Tree of life
  • Bjarn Grand Library (Worlds largest library)
  • Red forest (Large forest where gras and green is collored by minerals to the collor of red)
  • Fog vally (A larger canion where magic is flowing in consentrated amounts at the bottom, rocks charged flotes over the vally)
  • Crystal Road (a smaller desart that has high electirc curent and crystal trees athat absobes the lightning)

First Age

  • Fay Gardens (Said to be the main city of fay, a small grove with a willowisp in it's center)
  • Wall of creation (A wall carved under a waterfall that shows the history of the Gods)
  • Star bridge (A bridge made over a larger ravine that is always pich black but have blu rocks that sparkels like stars in the dark)
  • Becon of the Gods (A large rock with detailed carvings on the masks of all the gods)

Golden Age

  • Bjarn Grand Library (rebuilt in Teluvia)
  • Watchers Castle (A castle that was built with seperate pieces placed in the world, all connected through magic)
  • Unity Gardens (A flower garden made in honor of the union of Dragons and Folk)
  • Grove of tranquility (A garden built by the trolls, following the Fauthan)

Dark Age

  • "The futility of war" (A large clay and stone sculpture of soldiers who lost)

Steam Age

  • Deep sea Warf (to house the underwater base outside of Krotona)