"About the race, their masters was gone, and so they caried on."

Origin - Built to serveEdit

The ten (or 10 as they call in in binary) is a mecanical robot race that was built by a himanoid race lifted as well by the khassan. The race in question had a early start in technology after reciving it from the khassan and manage to develope an ai and robotic comunity to help them, then from a natual disaster the planet whiped out all of the biological races on the planet. Leaving only a shorthand of the macheens to work as they where buildt.

Some of the most developed and selfawhare ones manage to continue their own programing to a point they could start building self aware robots and then started to rebuild their planet, now serving no one then themself.

Their ApparenceEdit

There is no specific look on the robots as they all are designed after their purpous, the leading and higher grade of the macheens are buildt in image to their creators with special designed AI to help them understand and work to fourther understand their creators and search as much for their past as their future and purpos.

The Gift - Never endingEdit

The robotic race have manage to create such a grate network that even another natural disaster like the one two killed their creators would let them survive anyting short then a total destruction of the planet as a whole.