Many times ago, there be a dragon who proweled the mountins and the forests. Not finding any food he turned to simple sam who lived on the grassland, hoping to eat him, but rather then fighting he rather trick the poor farmer, finding justification to why he should eat him. He therefor said to the man; "I remember you a temmer ago stole from my caves". Upon what the farmer awnsered; "That cannot be, as I then was still not born, though much more older then me". Angry the dragon said; "Then thou must have taken of my food, being in the forests deep". The man shock is head: "Now that cannot be as I cannot travel so far, without the grate wings that you have". The dragon was even more roused: "Then though must have hurt one of my kin, as such as you hunt us happily." The man only said; "That cannot be as I cannot fight as no one have ever thougt me." At this the dragon screamed; "Then for your insolence of denying all my rightfull claims, I shall eat you anyhow". And as such he ate poor simple Sam whole.

So remember, the tyrant will always find a pretext for his tyranny.