Tuatha mile is celebrated on tenth Werum of Spring. It is celebration to the coming of summer where a festival of fertility and bounty of the forest. Many call it the "flower festival" due to the amount of flowers that is used to decorate and celebrate that now summer is here.

This is also the season of love. Fertility and females specificly is higly made apreciated and blessings are made to the land itself as Khairan is the mother of all.

In the end of the day, when children are put to sleep, the youth ofthen continues the feast with dansing that turns to passion and sometimes romance and copulation. Though this is never something sanktioned by the state or elderly, who more are opposite of it, the tradition lives on anyhow

Day of giftsEdit

Dancing and socielising is a must, but so is giving of gifts. People are to give a flower to anyone want's to thank, show apreciation for or even affection and love. Then the reciver may awnser with a gift for this flower that is usualy made into a buquete or a flower crown upon the head. These flowers are then to be slept on to hopfully see ones future love or who that gave one flower is ones destinied partner.

While not every flower is of love, many shildren recive toys or other things for the flowers that they bring to their parents and family. While the older ofthen share small token gifts like chocolate or trinkets to show apreciation or somethimes evene a hug or a kiss.