"Forgoten children and people who where lost, all where found by Wahl who ate, now their faces lure others who need company most."

Thing with a thousand facesEdit

Whal is said to be one creature but he has been noted to be found in many plases during almost same period of time, which either ment there is more then one, or he has the capability to travel large distances almost instantly in some way.

While some belive it is a creature or being that has found the mask of Kailiif and is using it's power to lure people in it's traps where it devoures them and use their husk and face to lure new people in it's trap.


Wahl looks like a being of the forest, made of stone, moss and twigs but flowing like water. Masks is seen upon his bodey, inside the holes, like the trophys of his kills.