About the person, eyes of gold, hair of silver.

When magic comes naturalEdit

He was born as early as the Dragon age, and as most Nymphos, Yuma was a magical being, but unlike his other kindred he did not have afinity with just one or two elements, but instead his magic was pure energy. This whas to many verry unusual and he was quickly soon schosen as a leader amongst his comunity.

The most interesting though was not just his power tjhat he could form through is will due to it's purity, but his odd apparence. Unlike many of his more nature looking friends, he had an even wilder look then most. His hair was silver white, long and animalistic. As was his eyes, golden and ferosious.

Aspect of MagicEdit

Yuma never lived his long life like most of his kin. His wild spirit ofthen had him venture outside, serching for adventure in the unknown. The last heard and seen of him was him bateling a dragon he had found in the mountins.

But many belived his spirit continued to live on, or that he did in fackt not die at all. This is shown they mean that a few times each year, people was born with the same golden eyes and silver hair. This was proof of grate magical strength and power, sometimes more then the the persson should be capable for his race. This is later called "the mark of Yuma" and is higly treasured by all, belived to be that his persson or spirrit have blessed this child and bestowed his power upon them.